National Mom and Pops Business Owners Day

National Mom and Pops Business Owners Day

It’s officially March 29th. Happy National Mom-and-Pop Business Owner’s Day! Did you know that a “mom-and-pop shop” refers to local businesses that are often family owned and operated? In 2020, the Small Business Administration recorded 31 million small businesses in the U.S., which provide jobs for over 60 million workers.

Here at Bliss in a Bottle (BIAB), we LOVE supporting small, local businesses like our own. In fact, for every one dollar spent at a local business, 67 cents of it goes right back into the local economy. Some of our favorite local, Columbus brands are North Market Spices and Stauf’s Coffee. The best part about being a small business supporting other small businesses, is that when Bliss profits, so does the community, keeping money in the neighborhood economy.

The North Market Spices are an absolute go-to for sourcing ingredients to use in our gourmet wine and chocolate pairings. In fact, small businesses are renowned for their quality over quantity ideals. It’s important to many small business owners to produce the highest quality products for their consumers, just as we strive to do here at BIAB.

Stauf’s Coffee is a coffee lover’s dream, and they produce magnificent espresso, which we use as a flavor infusion in some of our pairings!

Bliss strives for inclusivity in our branding as well, creating unique product lines specific for all holidays and life cycle events. This year for Purim, we used Matt’s Bakery to create gift baskets with hamantaschen curated to pair with the Kosher wines, chocolates, and sodas. Did I mention that small businesses are fantastic for creating jobs in the community? Here at Bliss, we use source interns and employees through a diversity and inclusion program called Development Services Agency. We’ve seen amazing success with the program and have welcomed many bright, hardworking team members to our crew.

Every face you meet at Bliss, similar to most small businesses, will leave you feeling like part of the family! Small businesses are great at creating personalized customer service experiences, and here at BIAB we offer customized labelling on our products and personalized notes to include on orders. A personal touch goes a long way in customer service and gift-giving, and Bliss recognizes that! Shopping local also gives consumers increased access to more diverse products. Ever go to a chain-store in search of gift and realize you've received or given almost every available option? Fear not! Head over to a small business and get unique, creative gifts your family and friends will adore. In fact, Bliss in a Bottle is the original chocolate dipped wine company. There is no other business that curates these to-die-for wine and chocolate pairings. An amazing way to support local Mom-and-Pop shops is to stock up on items you’ll need later. For us, we see it as a win-win. Bliss in a Bottle is a great, universal gift that can be used for holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations, promotions, etc.

Another effective way to support local businesses you love is to tag them or repost their content on social medias! It’s super quick and easy, plus you can do it for free! By sharing a business on your feed or story, you’re boosting that business’s visibility and potentially earning them new customers. At BIAB, we always make sure to tag the wineries, soda companies, and influencers we work with so we can share our partners with our audience.


P.S. We LOVE when our customers tag us! It means so much to small business owners to see people enjoying their products. Plus, BIAB will always repost if you tag us!

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