The Bliss in a Bottle® brand was established in November 2013 by the founder Cheryl Sher, and officially registered as a trademark in June 2021. Cheryl previously owned Sher Bliss Wine & Chocolates and after 15 years of working with wine and chocolate, she had the realization that the two do not need to be separate. The birth of Bliss in a Bottle came from this concept, creating chocolate covered wine bottles with that perfect pairing. The company is based in Ohio, with stores in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. Licensing and franchise options are available for other states.


Bliss in a Bottle® products are currently available for purchase on Amazon, Etsy, DoorDash, Griffin's Floral Design! Find us on these platforms for all of your celebratory, special occasion, and everyday needs! You can also like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to catch a glimpse of new product releases, special deals / discounts, and updates on your favorite wine, spirits, sodas, and more! 


The Bliss in a Bottle brand originally launched as a mall kiosk and is now predominantly an eCommerce company that sells wine, beer, spirits, champagne and non-alcoholic chocolate covered bottles. Bliss in a Bottle
caters to consumer needs for personal use, meetings, celebrations, and gifts for holidays and life-cycle events! Contact us for custom orders and we would be happy to help you. 


Our bottles are specially curated to create a flavor combination to enhance the experience for each bottle. Each pairing is designed to send bursts of different tastes (we like to call these “taste explosions”!) to your taste buds sending you on a journey to imagine the wine’s story, from harvesting the grapes to the cork being put into the bottle. Sourcing the finest chocolates and confectionary ingredients each bottle is sampled until the perfect pairing is discovered.


Bliss in a Bottle is Cheryl’s solution to a problem nobody knew they had; what chocolate to eat with which wine, and which wine to enjoy with which chocolate? When it comes to creating the perfect pairing, Cheryl knows best. She goes on extensive travels to meet with local wine distributors to ensure an extensive selection of wines and combinations to suit each and every palate. 

Owner & Founder, Cheryl Sher