Bliss in a Bottle is the original luxury chocolate and beverage brand. Founded in Columbus, Ohio in November 2013 by Cheryl Sher it launched as a mall kiosk concept; the brand was trademarked in June 2021. Cheryl previously owned Sher Bliss Wine & Chocolates and after 15 years of working with wine and chocolate, she had the realization that the two should be combined and went from simply dipping the bottles to pairing each specifically for flavor and texture. The birth of Bliss in a Bottle came from this idea, offering perfectly-paired chocolate covered bottles of wine and other refreshments. Cheryl meets with local distributors and travels extensively to create a deep assortment of varietals and labels and sources the finest confectionery ingredients. By searching for both popular labels and varietals and more esoteric ones, and through extensive sampling, each bottle finds itself bathed in a combination of premium ingredients to enhance the flavor and texture of each drink, delighting consumers.
Bliss in a Bottle® products are currently available at our Easton Town Center shop and
at 418 E. Mound Street, and online at Blissinabottle.com
Daily chocolate and wine tasting flights are available at our Easton location.
Monthly pairing classes are held in the Downtown Chocolate Studio.
Private events are available for a one-of-a-kind celebration, or team-building experience.
Facebook and Instagram offer exciting glimpses of new product releases, and updates on your favorites.
Licensing and franchise options are available.
Retailers may partner with us in a private label wine program to be able to offer this unprecedented brand.
Bliss in a Bottle® caters to consumer needs for personal use, meetings, celebrations, and gifts for holidays and life-cycle events! Customization is available to showcase your logo or message.
Each pairing is designed to send bursts of different tastes (we like to call these “taste explosions”!) to your taste buds sending you on a journey to imagine the wine’s story, from harvesting the grapes to the cork being put into the bottle. Calling on our treasure trove of ingredients the perfect pairing for each bottle is discovered.


Bliss in a Bottle is Cheryl’s solution to a problem nobody knew they had; what chocolate to eat with which wine, and which wine to enjoy with which chocolate? When it comes to creating the perfect pairing, Cheryl knows best. She goes on extensive travels to meet with local wine distributors to ensure an extensive selection of wines and combinations to suit each and every palate. 


Leave a lasting impression on clients or boost your team's morale!