About Us


Bliss in a Bottle was founded and created by Cheryl Sher, prior owner of Sher Bliss Chocolate and Wine. Cheryl spent fifteen years honing her knowledge and palate for chocolate and wine.  She was inspired to present her chocolate and wine pairings in the best way imaginable; putting the chocolate on the bottle!

With every wine selection sourced there’s a flavor combination created  to enhance the experience for each bottle. Each pairing is designed to send bursts of different tastes (we like to call these “taste explosions”!) to your taste buds sending you on a journey of the different sources of the wine. It helps you imagine the wine’s story, from harvesting the grapes to the cork being put into  the bottle. 

In November 2013, the vision to present the brand as a theatre in the round in the first ever mall kiosk came to fruition.  Located in the Polaris Fashion Place just north north of Downtown Columbus, Ohio. After a brisk Christmas season, the Bliss in a Bottle kiosk having been well-received remained as a year round tenant and received a lot of local media recognition. This led Cheryl to the decision to focus on expansion of the brand through kiosks.

Since then, the first franchise for Bliss In A Bottle opened in October, 2017 in Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati, OH.  The company opened in other malls in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.


The Founder
Cheryl Sher

The mastermind behind it all, some have playfully dubbed her “The real Santa Claus” during the holidays. So, how did she come up with the idea for Bliss in a Bottle? “It all started with my retail shop, Sher Bliss, opening back in 1999 downtown Columbus. I remember being asked at my first grand opening, ‘So are you a Wine shop that carries Chocolate, or are you a Chocolate shop that carries wine?” Cheryl explained. She then wondered: Why not both?

“It became very apparent to me that the two naturally seem to separate themselves. I had two sets of repeat customers; they were categorized as chocolate customers or as wine customers. It wasn’t enough to combine the two by simply placing a chocolate pairing in a gift basket along with its appropriate wine and cheese. The two really needed to be married to be understood as one.”  The process was further developed of slathering Belgian chocolate onto the bottle with inclusions.
Always ready to create the perfect pairing Cheryl is known to visit vineyards with a tackle box containing a treasure trove of the finest ingredients. 

“It’s a process,” Cheryl explained. “Some wines are very versatile, while most are very taste-specific, making it harder to find that perfect match.”
She explains that she pairs specific wines and chocolates based on their flavors, textures, and the “feeling it leaves on your tongue.”

Having traveled extensively and meeting with local wine distributors to source different wines, Cheryl is continuously expanding her palate, knowledge, and passion. “I love being in a position where I’m able to grant others a fun way to add to their understanding and enjoyment of wine. The possibilities are truly endless. I’m grateful for being given the opportunity to share my journey with you.”