Licensing and Franchising Opportunities

Follow your Bliss!

is your Bliss Franchise Opportunity


Are you ready to begin an exciting new business venture? To hang up on your boring 9-5 and trade it in for something better? Something unique that will bring smiling faces every day? Something you can call your own that can put you on the track to financial freedom? Wherever you may be, Bliss in a Bottle® is looking for lovers of chocolate and wine to build franchises! We have expanded our reach to new cities this year, and are in position to spread Bliss everywhere! We need people like you to help us achieve our goal!


Our one-of-a-kind retail setup is easy to own, and perfect for those who have never owned a business. Owning and operating one of our franchises will be a impressive addition to your portfolio, whether you’re just starting out in the industry or you’ve been here for awhile. Our chocolate covered wine bottles give a refined look, while still being raw and authentic. It’s also a pleasure and unique experience to enjoy! Each wine is perfectly paired, then dipped in chocolate that matches the flavor profile of the wine. When enjoyed together, it creates a flavor explosion unlike any other.


We are looking for individuals that love to share wonderful and exquisite experiences with others by bringing the Bliss in a Bottle® brand to your community! If the possibilities of teaming up with us piques your interest, you may connect with us via email at or by phone: (614) 428-9463(WINE).


Leave a lasting impression on clients or boost your team's morale!