Our Kosher Story

July 2015 was my first trip to Israel.  It was on this trip they I decided to begin to keep kosher. Before the trip I had been learning about the dietary laws and thought they were brilliant.  I had stopped eating many things already and the experience while in Israel sealed my desire to observe the laws of kashrut.  Bliss in a Bottle and my other businesses had Kosher dairy supervision at different times. Bliss in a Bottle was already a hit in the secular market having been launched a handful of years previously and I saw the need for a quality gourmet food and wine brand and developed the idea for The Seven Species of Bliss on the bus between rafting on the Jordan River on the way to Jerusalem. I was intrigued by artwork in many forms depicting the seven species and wanted it to be a part of the brand.  It took until March of 2018 to obtain certification under the Orthodox Union for pareve chocolate and all the exciting inclusions.  I am so grateful we were able to persevere and get this hechsure.  I wanted to present a serious kosher gourmet product and sourcing the finest ingredients offer juices, sodas, wine and beer paired with pareve chocolates and decadent confectionary ingredients.

There are items for all life-cycle events and holidays, beginning with the High Holidays.  For example, honey bear jars are enrobed with chocolate and topped with crushed apple and cinnamon for Rosh Hashanah gift-giving. For Hanukkah, a wide assortment of beverages are paired and shown with festive holiday-themed colors.  For those who do not want alcohol, there is a wide variety of sodas and juices. Come Purim, we pull out all the stops to present lavish, beautiful, Mishloach Manot.  The bottles are gift-boxed and hamantaschen pairings are curated to go with the bottle combinations for memorable and delicious one-of-a-kind gifts.  From small gifts of soda and juice, to baskets, each item is a show-stopper that delights the giver and recipient.

For simchas ranging from weddings, anniversaries to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs custom amenity and favors are our specialty, along with corporate gifts.