What came first, the pairing or the wine?

Ruby chocolate is a brand new adventure for the tastebuds.

While we all may be familiar with the question “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”, lately we’ve been getting a similar question regarding our pairing process. Customers and friends have asked how we pair our product. They wonder, “what comes first?”. Well, just like the chicken or the egg question, the answer isn’t all that simple!

There have been many occasions where Cheryl has found a wine with great taste and scrambled around the production space to find ingredients that make the perfect pairing for the wine or spirit. 

There are also instances where Cheryl will find a new ingredient, and with equal zest and determination, sets out to find the perfect wine to go with it. An example of this is Barry Callebaut’s Ruby Belgian Chocolate. 

Ruby chocolate is not milky, bitter, or sweet like the other chocolates we all know well. It balances a fresh fruity taste and a silky smooth mouthfeel. Different from all the rest, pairing this chocolate presented an exciting challenge. We re-tasted wines (I know, tough job), giving them an exciting new pairing both visually and for the palate.

Ruby chocolate is a brand new adventure for the tastebuds.

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