Happy National Employee Appreciation Day!

Happy National Employee Appreciation Day!

Here at Bliss in the Bottle an amazing group of individuals make up the team!
Everyday and especially on employee appreciation day It's important to take time to recognize the hard work that has gone into this company and idea!

Let's meet the bliss makers!
Our group consists of a a wide range of people with varied pursuits and skills.
Starting with Founder and President,
Cheryl Sher.
Cheryl has a very skilled palate and created the brand to perfectly paired chocolate and wine. And in a unique way with the chocolate on the bottle. Sourcing a wide array of wines and the finest ingredients from around the world Sher delivers combinations that delight!
The manager of the recently opened Easton Town Center store is Christopher Bradford.
Christopher or Blisstopher was with the company when it first began 8 years ago and has lots of food and beverage experience and a fun outlook for a fun brand!
Cheryl currently leads production in the Downtown studio with a strong and talented team that has been onboard for several years!
Bliss is always inclusive.
From various internship programs, ranging from programs surrounding diversity to individuals with developmental disabilities to many OSU interns.
This is a great learning opportunity where college students get hands on experience with retail and every hat worn in an entrepreneurial, small business.
The Bliss team is a valued, ever-changing lively and varied group.
Everyone gets to see and sample and have a voice in everything from flavors to packaging to customer service.

In honor of National Employee Appreciation Day, we appreciate everyone who has worked so hard to make the vision of
Bliss in a Bottle come to life.

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