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Pinot Grigios From Around the Globe

I’m excited about today’s wine tasting at the Easton boutique. To make it onto the Bliss list, the wine needs to be varietally correct, and achieving a perfect pairing for flavor and texture is crucial. Today, we’re featuring Pinot Grigio from Slovenia, Italy, Washington state, and Oregon, showcasing unique examples of the grape.

Transport yourself to Alto Adige, Italy’s renowned region near Austria. The climate lends itself to providing beautiful fruit flavors and a little more oomph in weight than expected, complemented by white chocolate, chai spices, and a fiery habanero kick, framed with Ruby chocolate and crunchy granellas for a decadent experience.

Next, we have Kind Stranger 2022 Pinot Gris from Washington state, pairing well with dark chocolate and a drizzle infused with candied Meyer lemon sugar and mocha powder, inspired by Seattle’s coffee culture. Here’s a touch of NE granola inspiration right here.

From Slovenia, the Pullus Pinot Grigio is a dry, pink delight due to skin contact. It’s rich and unctuous, paired with a heady fig rub atop dark chocolate and a smattering of strawberry powder for fruity notes.

We’re highlighting a luxuriously rich 2022 Pinot Gris from Elk Cove, Oregon, paired with creamy milk chocolate, mango essence, and toasted coconut for a tropical twist on classic S’mores.

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