• How to really taste wine

    In order to truly taste the wine, the right conditions are imperative. 
  • Wine terms 101

    I am employed as a student intern at Bliss in A Bottle.  I am not 21; therefore, I cannot legally say I have ever tasted wine before in my life. That said, when I started working here in early April, I certainly had no understanding of words like “Sauvignon Blanc”, “Sommelier”, or “Cliquot”. I could not— for the life of me—pronounce them either, so you can imagine the ways in which I avoided saying their names. It was sort of like when you run into an old acquaintance in a grocery store, and they know who you are, but all you can greet them with is an awkward “hey, you…”. 
  • A Birthday Gift For The Person Who Has Everything!

     Whether it’s a co-worker who’s heading out of town, or a friend celebrating a 21st, Bliss In a Bottle has you and the bottle covered with our very own “Birthday Collection” of chocolate-covered wine, beer, Champagne, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.