The Importance of Sustainability

The Importance of Sustainability

In our office not a single beautiful day goes unnoticed. Almost everyone can attest to the bliss that the warm sunshine and gentle breeze bring. That’s why here at Bliss in A Bottle, we’re working hard to lessen our environmental impact. We understand the importance of sustainability, and protecting the quality of our environment so that all of us can enjoy those beautiful days for years to come. While we may not be a large polluter, we know how imperative it is to protect the environment, and below you’ll see some of the ways we’re being proactive now.  


Working with Sustainable Brands 

Wineries such as Hedges Family Estate, Silver Oak, and Hahn Family vineyards have been branded as some of the most sustainable wineries worldwide, all of which have products you can find on our shelves and our website. Stolpman vineyards, the producer of our “Love You Bunches Sangiovese” is another of the sustainable wineries whose products we carry. Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, which is the only chocolate we use, sources 100% sustainable cocoa in their product.  



We know, it’s a fairly simple and relatively easy way to be environmentally friendly, but a lot of businesses don’t do this at all! In our office we recycle everything we can, including chocolate. Scrap from dipping, or if we need to re-dip a bottle, instead of discarding the chocolate we bag it for our customers and employees to enjoy. It saves delectable chocolate from going to waste, and it limits the amount of waste we produce. 


We use 100% recyclable products 

From our packaging to the products themselves, everything we sell is 100% recyclable. The Bliss In A Bottle branded box can be recycled, as well as the wine bottles and tissue paper that you find in your gifts. Moving forward, we plan on encouraging our customers to recycle our products by including a small note on recyclable paper in every purchase.  We encourage customers to reuse their gift bags as well, they are sturdy and long-lasting.   


Green Web Usage 

We were surprised to find out that the internet platforms and providers companies utilize can contribute to their sustainability. That’s why here at BIAB our website is powered by Google, who has pledged to be carbon free by 2030, and has been carbon neutral since 2007.  


Organic Ingredients 

Organic farming is proven to be a much more sustainable way of producing food, so we use organic ingredients whenever we have the opportunity.

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