Life in Our Office

Life in Our Office

To a small business, the office is like a second home.

In larger business environments, the office is where day-to-day tasks are accomplished. For emerging brands like Bliss in a Bottle, it’s so much more than that. Our office is our retail store, our production facility, where we route and begin our deliveries, and where all of the business decisions both large and small are made: To a small business, the office is like a second home.


We don’t have many employees working outside of the holiday season; In total we have about twelve including me. Although there are only a few of us, we accomplish a lot. Typically there are never more than four of us working in the office at any given time, unless there is chocolate production going on which would add 2-4 more employees. Each morning—and sometimes late at night if I have the business on my mind— I jot down a list of daily tasks for each of my employees. These lists are often hard to read, as they are written on blank UPS sticker labels, which is an ongoing joke between us. The interns who have been here longer have gotten pretty good at deciphering my writing, but honestly sometimes even I can’t read what I wrote. These somewhat legible tasks range from handling our digital platforms like Etsy, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook, Shopify etc., to managing daily inventory tasks in our shop. Lately, we’ve been gearing up for Father’s Day, and Pride, as well as events to schedule during our down season.


Our office is a very calming space. It’s nestled beside Dave’s Old Fashioned Peanuts on E. Mound Street. A large window offers lots of light, glimpses of dogs from the daycare across the street, and passerby’s. Customer’s are often intrigued by the sights and smells of Belgian chocolate wafting through the air; The same aromas that cling to us, leaving our pets happily sniffing us when we come home for the day. We’re basically walking bliss! My employees are allowed in casual dress, since I’d like for them to be comfortable, but also just in case any chocolate may find it’s way onto their clothes. The hours here are flexible, as many are currently college students. They’re resourceful, energetic, and creative, making each day here an interesting one. They almost never fail to impress me, and I find it comforting to have fresh minds working on projects in the office. I’m happy that I have been able to create an office space that represents me, and my passions well.

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