Syrah, Shiraz & Zinfandels

Syrah is a grape that is grown all over the world. From its home in the northern part in Rhone, France, to South Africa, California, Washington and Australia (where it is called Shiraz), this is a very popular wine-making grape. It is well-liked because of its wonderful flavors and aromas of pepper, blackberry, and blueberry. Depending on where the grapes are grown, the flavors can show ripe fruit or even have a jam-like taste. Syrah wines are almost always smoky in taste.

Zinfandel finds its home in America—but like most things quintessentially American, its roots can be traced back to another land. Some say it came from Croatia, while others believe it came from the Primitivo grape found in Italy. Either way, Zinfandel is delicious. The two main characteristics of this increasingly popular red wine are intense berry and exotic spice flavors.

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