The Supply Chain & Champagne

The supply chain issues have affected many aspects of the business world, and the wine industry is no exception to this. The interruption in the chain of supply has created various complications in our production process, from the chocolate to the wine.  

While we have sourced enough Belgian chocolate to last us through the projected holiday season, we have had great difficulties procuring Champagnes. Dom Perignon, Veuve Cliquot, and Moët are all products we have been trying our best to get in stock, unfortunately not to much avail.  

The Champagne Shortage and Supply Chain disruption have encouraged us to seek out alternatives to these renowned and beloved brands. Some of these delicious and comparable new alternatives that we’ve begun to carry are Drappier and Laurent Lequart. 

We carry both Drappier Vintage, non-vintage, and rose. Laurent Leqaurt is a bottle that we have found to be reminiscent of G.H. Mumm, which is why we paired it the exact same way.  

 Although the supply chain disruption continues, we are finding ways to adapt and overcome to deliver delicious champagnes to our customers.  

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